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Going BIG

I want to start this year off being incredibly open and honest with you:  Show-Business is hard!  

Once about every six-months, I want to quit and go push people down Space Mountain at Disneyland.


It takes daily work to look at the glass half-full, stay empowered and prevent the disease of "Playing Small."  That's why I do daily gratitude lists with my friends, Morning Pages, Meditation and Yoga.  Right now I'm doing the Artist's Way with an awesome group of friends, and the support makes a hell of a difference!

I started the BRETwork as a way to feel empowered in my Acting life and to keep in touch with the people I wanted to keep in touch with, people like YOU!

So, to start the year off I'm setting new goals for myself and I want to share them with you:

1) I want to book a principle role in a Broadway Musical or Play by 2016.

2) I want to book at least 3 co-star or guest star roles on a network television show like...

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