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Showing Up to the Good Fight

If you had asked me a year ago if I'd be back on Broadway in Wicked and also book an episode of the Good Fight on CBS All Access I would have said, "are you crazy?"

Alas, in the last six months, that is exactly what happened and I'm shook. (as the tiktok says) I didn't expect my episode of the Good Fight to air during a quarantine, but it was so exciting when my friends started texting me. 

I got to a play a well-dressed entrepreneur who's wife is trying to get as much as she can out of the divorce. I loved being on set with such talented actors, and especially to have someone else dress me. 

Now, I pretty much wear the same sweats every day!

The day we shot the episode it was 15 below, and I had to walk really far from the train in Brooklyn. I had my own dressing room, which was lovely, and the actress playing my wife was the loveliest. She is a former Broadway actress (Hair) and GORGEOUS.

It took a bout four hours to shoot and I was home in time for dinner. I look...

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Law and Order:SVU - Sunk Cost Fallacy

Well, it's official, I'm a New York Actor.

I was lucky enough to book my first Law and Order episode and it premiered last night. I played Billy, a friend to one of the lead characters. We shot it on a snowy morning in Riverdale in the Bronx. When I showed up for my costume fitting one of the wardrobe people was my roommate from my very first summer as an actor in Galveston Texas. It was such a beautiful reminder that the people you meet today will show up in again. I look forward to seeing Joseph again on set. 

When you watch the episode, make sure to take a snapshot of BILLY, and share it on my instagram! 

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I'm on Broadway, Why Does It Suck?

Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash

We are told over and over that if you’re gonna complain about being on Broadway, then don’t do it. So you keep your mouth closed, swallow your pride, and collect your check, all in the name of humility.

You really are grateful, but it feels as if someone just told you Santa isn’t real. When dreams become commerce, the reality can be a tough pill to swallow. Sure, it’s exciting to get to perform at the Tony Awards or on the Today Show, The Tonight Show, The View, etc., but after the cameras are off, you may feel stuck in a contract for another 9 months unhappy.

I’m not going to judge you. I understand; you’re frustrated performing eight shows a week and spending your only day off recovering for the next round. Then there are the other days at understudy and put-in rehearsals. It’s not the glamorous life of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have it any...

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