Showing Up to the Good Fight

If you had asked me a year ago if I'd be back on Broadway in Wicked and also book an episode of the Good Fight on CBS All Access I would have said, "are you crazy?"

Alas, in the last six months, that is exactly what happened and I'm shook. (as the tiktok says) I didn't expect my episode of the Good Fight to air during a quarantine, but it was so exciting when my friends started texting me. 

I got to a play a well-dressed entrepreneur who's wife is trying to get as much as she can out of the divorce. I loved being on set with such talented actors, and especially to have someone else dress me. 

Now, I pretty much wear the same sweats every day!

The day we shot the episode it was 15 below, and I had to walk really far from the train in Brooklyn. I had my own dressing room, which was lovely, and the actress playing my wife was the loveliest. She is a former Broadway actress (Hair) and GORGEOUS.

It took a bout four hours to shoot and I was home in time for dinner. I look forward to booking even more of these co-star roles, and maybe even an episode arch soon! 

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