How to Grow Your Personal Lifestyle Brand with Preston Konrad

Welcome to the week's episode of The CreatiVisibility Podcast! In this episode, I’m talking to Preston Konrad

Preston is a theatre kid turned fashion guru. In this episode, we talk about how he was able to combine both his love for fashion and theatre to make many opportunities for himself. This ones for all the hustlers out there. I hope you enjoy todays talk and check out his full bio below!

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Preston's full Bio: Preston Konrad is a lifestyle expert, creative director & television personality based in New York City. Before signing with one of the world’s leading fashion agencies & launching his own creative consulting firm, Preston spent 12 years working for storied lifestyle brands overseeing brand creative, styling, 3-d environments, visual marketing & fashion direction. Preston received his foundation in styling & creative services during his decade-long career with Ralph Lauren in multimedia & advertising styling. From 2010 – 2012 Preston served as Global Director of Creative services & Brand Design for British luxury brand, Belstaff. In the winter of 2012, Preston was tapped for the role of Fashion Director for the iconic American heritage brand, American Eagle Outfitters to oversee all styling & trend for domestic and international advertising campaigns, e-commerce, marketing initiatives and multimedia. Preston’s celebrity styling & branding worlds collide on instagram, where he interacts with an engaged audience of 113K active followers, offering hacks and tips in the lifestyle space. Preston was the host of TLC makeover series Style By Jury, can be regularly seen on Access Hollywood, and has been featured on The Today Show, EXTRA, VH1, MTUVU & TLC.