Learn how to grow your following and make money from your Social Media in 90 days!


Want to finally have to courage to become known as the creative you are!

Learn how to build your brand organically, get more followers, more press, and even make an income stream from your personal brand. You'll have access to me plus dozens of other experts who will help you get unstuck and grow your following. Including some of the leading experts in social media and marketing.


💬 My name is Kristina and I'm a singer- actor- dancer. Let me paint you a picture: I had just finished a major contract that took me all over the world as an entertainer, then the pandemic hit. I was so lost. Everything I had worked for was in question. I knew I wanted to create something bigger than myself, but had no idea how to start. Since working with Bret, I have written 3 of my very own shows that I had the honor of performing in Las Vegas, and now on tour. Bret's coaching unlocked all the potential in me that I couldn't access alone. He gave me permission to be the artist I always wanted to be, and a guide on how to get there. 

My name is Jonathan Munoz, I am a Personal Trainer specialized in training performers. Before I met Bret I was struggling in communicating and visualizing how my marketing could reach out to the audience I wanted to reach and connect with. However, in the past months I have been working with Bret, he has helped me create a stronger voice and message that actually resonates with the audience I have been struggling to reach. Bret has helped me create and nurture relationships with people I seek to help instead of feeling like I keep hitting dead ends. It is honestly refreshing to see the way Bret crafts our time together to ensure I leave each session with something positive that will ultimately push me to take those next steps. 

Hey, I'm Bret Shuford and I have good news for you...

Being an influencer doesn't mean you have to be fake! 

There are a lot of people teaching you how to 'run a business' by using tools created to sell a product. But the problem with that is running a business as an artist vs. corporation is an entirely different experience

I should know! I've tried all of the business and marketing strategies out there over the years to work consistently as an actor while also building several successful streams of revenue.

If you want to create an authentic following online that aligns with your reputation in person you'll need to learn a different mindset and system that keeps you consistent while still working on your craft.

The most common thing I hear from clients is, "How do I finally feel in control of my creative business AND actually see results without selling out?"

That's what this masterclass is going to answer. And I'm really glad you're here to learn it!

This one-of-a-kind course is for creatives who:

☑️ Often worry they'll come off fake online.

☑️ Crave a system to build their influence and income.

☑️ Aren't sure how to  make their content stand out.


You'll walk away with all the tools you need to take your creative biz to the next level!.


☑️ Book 8 Broadway shows and counting.

☑️ Grow a six figure business through organic engagement.

☑️ Finally feel good about showing up online consistently.

If you've ever said to yourself, "I'm more talented than them, why do they have more followers than me? What do they know that I don't?" This course is for you.