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How to Be Successful


We must start to treat our careers the way we treat our craft! When we are feeling unsettled or afraid, it’s usually because we are living in the past or the future, not the present.

I know for me, if I’m disturbed it’s because I’m afraid something from my past that I didn’t like very much might repeat itself, or that something in the future could happen to screw up what I want. It’s like playing the end of the scene! You’re way too far ahead and missing the journey.

This business and all its built-in ambition and focus on “success” can drive us to forget that everything is happening in this moment, exactly as it’s supposed to be. The reality is that time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one, but an illusion nonetheless. The only thing that exists is this moment, right now, as you’re reading this blog. And no matter what it looks like, everything is just as it should be.

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