Learn to have authentic conversations without schmoozing, using, or losing!

I've got the 6 recipes you need to cook up authentic conversations with the people you know, used to know, and want to know... do you want in?

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Hey there, it's Bret! As someone who's been in this business for over 20 years, as an actor, singer, content creator, and coach—the #1 question I'm asked is, "How do you talk to people so easily?" You see, most actors and artists struggle with talking about themselves and their work without getting nervous that they'll say the wrong thing or worse, nothing at all!

Let’s face it: if all of us had the ability to advocate for ourselves and our art we’d all be working more than we ever thought we could. My friends and family have always marveled at my ability to put into words what I would like to happen without coming across gross and sales-y.

I'll let you in on a little secret...

It wasn't always this easy for me either.

But I made the decision to put in the time and energy to perfect how I communicate with people in the biz, because I know that the key to being a successful working Broadway actor is relationships. And those don't happen overnight.

Just like any relationship, you need to nurture them.

That's why I put together this program, to help actors and creatives, like you, learn how to talk to people genuinely without feeling icky or too self-promotional. I want you to experience how by simply being able to talk about your work and your life in an easy and comfortable way can make a HUGE difference in your career.


Problem is the Solution

Be of Service

Get the Green Light

Follow Through & Up

Credibility & Vulnerability

Complete the Thought

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