I fell in love with movie musicals before I even hit kindergarten. And when I saw kids singing and dancing in real life, my fate was set. When I was 5, my mom took me to our local library to see a performance by The Gingerbread Company, a group of kids who traveled around singing about good habits and stranger danger. I knew I had to join them. And the following year, I did. Growing up in Orange, Texas, my childhood was filled with performing at every opportunity: community theater, regional commercials, and even local films.

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The fact that I've spent the last 20 years working on Broadway would come as no surprise to the people who knew me as a child.  
Disney Theatrical took me under its wing when I was cast in Broadway's Beauty and the Beast, and subsequently, The Little Mermaid. Both shows were dreams come true, and continue to have been gifts in my life. During that time, I met my husband, ballet dancer and actor Stephen Hanna. 
Working as an actor in film and television was always a dream for me, and after starring in several independent features, I was lucky to work with Martin Scorsese in The Wolf of Wall Street. I got to hang out and chat with Matthew McConaughey between takes. My mom was practically bursting with pride when she saw me
onscreen with a fellow Texan.
I may have left Texas a long time ago, but much of my heart is still there, including my parents, my twin brother, and my two older brothers. It was through my oldest
brother's autism that I learned the magic of fantasy and how it can lift people up.(perhaps that's why I love Disney so much) 
As a kid from small town Texas, I could never have imagined what it would be like to be in an Oscar-nominated movie or a Tony-nominated show. And that’s why I became a certified Life Coach and started my YouTube channel —to show people across the country that fulfillment in this career is possible.

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