Finally grow your following and become an IG master!

In just 5 lessons you'll learn to:

  • Optimize your account for maximum growth.
  • Learn how to read your insights and measure your success.
  • Never run out of content again. 

Finally grow your following and become an IG master!

In just 5 lessons you'll learn to:

  • Optimize your account for maximum growth.
  • Learn how to read your insights and measure your success.
  • Never run out of content again. 

5 Steps to becoming an Instagram Master

In just 5 lessons this course can set you up on a path toward Instagram success. If you want to know exactly how I approach my growth on this platform, this course will talk you through every step.

Each module includes:

✔️ Recordings of me coaching you through the lesson

✔️ Exercises to put into practice what you learn.

✔️ Access to me to ask any questions about your growth



Lesson 1: The Basics of Instagram

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • When to have multiple accounts, or start a new one
  • What type of account
  • How to maximize your first impressions
  • All of the basic features of Instagram 

All social media platforms update often, so while I tried to be as thorough as I can, some things may be out of date by the time you watched this. Stay tuned to other content in the membership to stay up to date on all features. 

Lesson 2: The New Aesthetic

The old aesthetic doesn't work anymore, so we must explore how to create our new Aesthetic. 

Particularly getting comfortable making video! 

Topics we covered today are:

  • The New Aesthetic
  • What to Post
  • How to Post
  • Carousel Posts
  • Instagram Stories

Lesson 3: What to Post

Today might be one of the most valuable days of this week's course because we are talking all about how to get your content to help you grow your following organically!

What we cover today:

  • Stop the Scroll
  • Writing Captions
  • Increasing Your Reach
  • Hashtags
  • Your Introduction to IG Reels

Lesson 4: When to Post and Reels

Welcome to the other side of the hump of this week's training. Let me know in the comments what your biggest takeaway is.

Today is a deep dive into :

  • How often to post for maximum reach
  • Finding popular content for inspiration
  • What to post on reels
  • Getting more views on Reels

Lesson 5: Advanced Growth Strategies

These are some advanced ways to help you grow your following that I do constantly, including your daily posting checklist that's going to help you maximize your engagement. I promise if you can add these strategies to your plans your will see a ton of growth.

As promised here is your checklist and templates for today's lesson. Let me know what you found the most helpful in the comments. 



"I had just finished a major contract all over the world as a singer-actor-dancer—then the pandemic hit. I knew I wanted to create something bigger for myself but had no idea how to start. Bret's coaching unlocked my true potential and gave me  permission to be the artist I always wanted to be and a guide on how to get there. Since working with Bret, I have written 3 of my very own shows that I performed in Las Vegas, and am now on tour."


"I'm an actor from Romania. Before Bret, my head was filled with 'what if's and decisions based on other people’s actions instead of my own—Bret helped me focus on the present, starting with networking with people I'd like to work with. Since then I've had 2 new acting gigs, a collaboration as an Assistant Director, and Voice-Dubbing Director. Thank you so much, Bret, for inspiring me to do all this! You’re an angel and a true professional!"


"I'm a Personal Trainer who helps performers. Before I met Bret I struggled with communicating and visualizing how to reach and connect with my ideal audience. Bret helped me create a stronger message that actually resonates as well as nurture relationships with people I seek to help. The way Bret crafts our time together is so refreshing—he ensures I leave each session with something positive that will ultimately push me to take those next steps."

Hey, I'm Bret Shuford!

+ An openly LGBTQ working actor
+ The CreativeLife Coach
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I’ve performed, produced, choreographed and directed dozens of Broadway, Regional, National tours, viral videos, television and film productions from Wicked to the Wolf of Wall Street. As a certified life coach I’ve had the honor to help creatives all over the world move from imposter to influencer with my program. Having worked with colleges, universities, and corporations such as Disney and Marketing Impact Academy, I’m a highly sought-after speaker and educator for professional creatives. My insights have been humbly featured in leading outlets like The Huffington Post, Backstage, Today Show, Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent. And as a certified life and career coach I can help
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Oh, and I’m also ½ of the lifestyle blog Broadway Husbands, with his husband Stephen Hanna. For more info and credentials, click here.

If you are ready to finally start enjoying Instagram without all the confusion, this class will help you

🤩 Finally understand the algorithm

🤩 Know what to create and when to create it

🤩 Learn how to Master Instagram reels for maximum growth