Welcome To The CreatiVisibility Podcast with Bret Shuford

Welcome To The CreatiVisibility Podcast with Bret Shuford

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What is CreatiVisibility?

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as a creative professional with you. On my podcast I dive into my time in the theater industry. My mission through my experiences as a working professional artist is to show you how to  take risks, embrace transparency, and find your own path to success as a creative individual.

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Taking Risks and Embracing Change:

In 2018 my husband Stephen and I made the big bold move out of New York City, even though I had concerns about potentially missing out on career prospects. Taking risks and venturing into new territories is crucial for personal and professional growth. Our goal had been to become parents, and we thought it was necessary to find work with a better schedule that would help us become the parents we had dreamed of. A turn of events sent us back to NYC in 2019, unsure of what our path would be.  Not long after I landed a role in Wicked, a pivotal moment I believed would pave the way for finally starting a family with my husband.


Toxicity in the Theater Industry:

I was surprised when I joined the company to experience the worst bullying I had ever experienced on Broadway. I had heard stories from colleagues and clients about the toxic environment within the show, but I held onto hope that I would be the exception. Unfortunately, I soon realized firsthand the extent of the toxicity, witnessing colleagues expressing their dissatisfaction and even leaving the industry due to their experiences.


The Importance of Transparency:

Motivated by the need for transparency and accountability, I made the decision to start this podcast. My goal is to empower other artists to no longer settle for this toxic behavior and share stories that others can relate to or find insightful. I strongly believe in the power of visibility and encourage creatives to pursue their passions without seeking external validation or approval. The world needs your voice and you deserve to be seen and powerfully lead the people in your life. 


Empowering Creatives to Take Control:

Through my podcast and coaching business, my mission is to empower creatives to take control of their own journeys. I want to help you emphasize the significance of finding sustainable income streams, creating content, and embracing various avenues to showcase your unique talent. My story is meant to encourage individuals to challenge toxic environments, stand up for themselves, and find fulfillment in their creative endeavors.

The CreatiVisibility Podcast serves as a platform for creatives to find support, guidance, and a sense of community as we navigate our own paths to success.

If you’ve been searching for a way to find your voice, express your creativity, and finally make money doing what you love, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you want to listen to the full podcast episode: 



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