The 3 Decisions You Need to Make


How do you build a following? What do you share and how would you do that? How do you not feel icky when you promote? There's a lot of confusion about what to do when you don't have enough credits or when you don't have a huge following. Especially right now, for so many artists in our industries, you might be asking, how much is too much?

 It starts with something more essential than trying to figure all of those things out. It really starts with making these three decisions that every creator has to make in order to have long-term success in any industry you choose. 


The 1st Decision - Do I really want to be a leader? 


Many of us think that leadership is all about the people who are making decisions at the top or those who have all the power but the truth is you can always decide, whether you want to be a leader in an industry or not. Leadership doesn't require an accumulation of credits nor a certain amount of money or power. It requires a decision that you're going to be of service to others, and that you're going to lift other people up.

 Most of the time, I noticed with young artists and young creators that they're still using social media as a platform to stay in touch with their friends. They're afraid to share things about what they really want and what they truly want. They're also using it as a place to vent out emotions, frustrations, perhaps even the struggles that they're going through. But at some point you have to make a decision if you want to be a leader in the industry. 

 How does a leader show up? How do I show up on social media? Leadership is about the people that you serve. Ask yourself, who should I serve? 


The 2nd Decision - What goals should I set? 


You can do it all, you just can’t do it all at once. You got to make a decision about where you want to go. Can you pick one for the next six months and if you don't accomplish it, the worst thing that can happen is you get a little bit closer. 

 You can always try something different. If you don't set a specific and measurable goal, you're going to be constantly questioning everything that you do.

I know for me, when I made a decision to become a coach, I had been acting for so long I was scared to become a coach because I was afraid that people were not going to take me seriously as an actor if they saw me promoting myself as a coach.  

 Moreso, I've learned that through making that  decision about the goal that I wanted, the goal was to be able to make money doing something that I loved so that I could support my acting career, your business, can be a way to help people because I wanted to be serving people that I believed in and that I think deserve to have a voice in the world, right. Through that, I've continued to book work as an actor, produce and direct and it didn't take away from anything. In fact, once I made a decision to really go after that goal, it enhanced everything else that I was going for without me making a lot of effort.


The 3rd Decision - When should I start creating good habits?


Many of us lack the ability to create good habits because we are waiting for other people to tell us what to do. As an actor we're used to directors or writers telling us the words to say, the places to go, and the emotions to feel. As I say, a leader does not need other people to tell them everything. They trust their instincts, their goals, but when you have habits in place, it doesn't really matter. 

 So having habits around your social media, your networking, your marketing, how do you reach out to people? How do you connect to people, even with the habits around your craft? How are you training your craft and upleveling? Because you want to always be creating habits that uplevel you as a person, as an artist, and as a business person. 

 So come join the BroadwayLife Community Facebook group, that's where all of us meet to help instill new habits. We create ways for all of us to continue to move forward as leaders in whatever respected industry we go. Join us here at BroadwayLife Community Facebook Group if you need help committing to your decisions and meet our community of artists that are more than willing to listen and lend a hand.


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