Is Broadway Bullshit?

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In the world of theater, where creativity and expression thrive, two young artists have dared to challenge the status quo and spark important conversations about social progress and activism. Cassidy and Abby, the dynamic duo behind the Broadway Bullshit podcast, have fearlessly embarked on a journey to reform the industry by reforming the canon. Their podcast reviews and assesses musicals through a lens of social progress, aiming to bring joy and change to the theater community. In this blog post, we delve into their mission, their thoughts on the industry, and the power of their podcast to inspire change.

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Creating a Safe and Community-Oriented Space

Cassidy, a graduate student at NYU, and Abby, a multi-hyphenate artist, joined forces after meeting at UT. They bonded over their shared passion for theater and their desire to make it a more inclusive and welcoming space. Cassidy's admirable quality of being community-oriented shines through in the theater she creates, as she strives to ensure that everyone feels loved and safe. This commitment to community is what led her to initiate the idea for the Broadway Bullshit podcast, which became a platform for discussing and advocating for positive change in the industry.


Promoting Reform and Joy in Theater: 

Broadway Bullshit began as a podcast dedicated to reforming the industry by reevaluating classic musicals. Cassidy and Abby analyzed these shows from a modern perspective, examining their messages through the lens of social progress and activism. They aimed to foster conversations about the necessary changes and gaps in the theater world, encouraging a more equitable and accessible environment. Their witty and comedic approach, intertwined with insightful discussions, added a unique flavor to their podcast and created a space that allowed for both critique and celebration of the theater.


The Power of Conversation: 

What sets Broadway Bullshit apart is its ability to engage listeners in meaningful conversations. By dissecting musicals and discussing their impact on today's society, Cassidy and Abby open the door for dialogue and reflection. They invite industry professionals, producers, and artists to share their perspectives and visions for change. Through their podcast, they hope to inspire a deeper understanding of the needed changes and bridge the gap between the current state of theater and the desired future.


Overcoming Fear and Taking the Leap: 

Starting a podcast or any creative venture can be daunting, especially when challenging the norms of an industry. Cassidy and Abby had to overcome their own fears and hesitations, but they found strength in their partnership and trust in each other. Working with someone who understands their sensibilities and shares their passion made the process less intimidating. They emphasized the importance of building a network of collaborators who uplift and support each other, even during moments of self-doubt. Their advice to aspiring creators is to trust in their own qualifications and voice, finding joy in the process and understanding that it's okay to create for oneself.


Shifting the Landscape: 

Both Cassidy and Abby have noticed recurring themes within the industry that need addressing. Cassidy highlights the need to evolve classic shows and make them more equitable and inclusive, ensuring that the creative teams reflect the diversity portrayed on stage. Abby emphasizes the lack of representation and opportunities behind the scenes, especially for women and queer individuals. They advocate for greater diversity and collaboration within the theater community, striving for an industry that aligns its values with the stories it tells.

Broadway Bullshit is more than just a podcast—it's a catalyst for change and a celebration of theater's potential to create conversations and inspire joy. Through their insightful discussions, Cassidy and Abby aim to reshape the industry and make it a more inclusive, equitable, and accessible space. Their fearlessness and commitment to their vision demonstrate the power of young voices in shaping the future of theater. As they continue to challenge the status quo, we can look forward to a more diverse, progressive, and vibrant world of theater.


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