Instagram Growth Coach with Brock Johnson

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Welcome to our podcast series! Today, we're thrilled to have Brock Johnson, a prominent Instagram influencer, and entrepreneur, as our guest. In this episode, Brock shares insights into his journey on Instagram, his strategies for success, and his thoughts on the evolving landscape of social media.

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Brock's Instagram Journey

Brock began by discussing his Instagram journey. He highlighted his rapid growth over the past year and how it felt like "overnight growth" after years of consistent effort. He emphasizes the importance of staying engaged with followers and maintaining a close-knit community despite having a massive following. Brock's journey showcases the power of perseverance and consistency in the world of social media.


The Shift to Hyper-Focused Content

One of the key turning points for Brock was his decision to hyper-focus on Instagram, particularly Instagram Reels. He talked about the challenge of finding the right content and audience. He also discussed the shift from creating content for entertainment to educational content. Brock's transition demonstrates the significance of adapting to audience preferences and trends.


Originality and Experimentation

Brock discussed the importance of experimenting with content and not being afraid to pivot or try new things. He emphasized the value of authenticity and the positive impact of sharing original content. He mentioned how Instagram is shifting its focus toward original audio content and the potential for creators to thrive by embracing this change.


Navigating Social Media Boundaries

Maintaining boundaries on social media is crucial to prevent burnout. Brock shared his strategies, such as outsourcing certain tasks like managing direct messages. He highlighted the importance of preserving personal time, particularly in the afternoons and evenings, for relaxation and self-care. Setting these boundaries allows creators like Brock to recharge and remain passionate about their work.


The Future of Instagram

Brock offered insights into upcoming features on Instagram, including the integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). He discussed how NFTs could create opportunities for artists and creators on the platform. This addition could potentially reshape the way content creators monetize their work on Instagram.

Brock's journey through the world of social media is an inspiring story of dedication and adaptability. His commitment to authenticity, experimentation, and setting boundaries provides valuable

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