How to Grow Your Instagram by 25K new followers

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Hey there, it's Bret Shuford. Let me take you through an incredible journey a tale of how Broadway Husbands skyrocketed to 25,000 followers on Instagram in just two months.

When the pandemic halted my career on Broadway, my husband Stephen and I found ourselves at a crossroads. Amidst the uncertainty, we saw an opportunity to create an Instagram account that would not only grow but also become a thriving side business.

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Clarity as the Foundation

In my book, clarity is king. It's about understanding your audience intimately—identifying their needs and the solutions your content provides. For us, it was about being visible advocates for same-sex couples in the arts, inspiring aspiring artists, and showcasing the realities of being dads in the entertainment industry.

Strategic Research and Authentic Differentiation

Researching similar accounts wasn't about comparison but drawing inspiration while staying true to ourselves. Injecting our performer's perspective into our content made it uniquely ours and resonated authentically with our audience.

Building Consistency and Engagement

Personalized interactions with new followers—this was our game-changer. Understanding their expectations and forging genuine connections was a priority, even with time constraints. Exploring automation while keeping interactions authentic helped immensely.

The Path Forward: Creative Visibility Program

For those seeking guidance, I'm thrilled to introduce the Creative Visibility Program. It's designed to unlock your brand's potential and expand your reach organically, rooted in the principles I've shared.

My journey from uncertainty to success on Instagram serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators. Remember, it's about fusing creativity, authenticity, consistency, and genuine engagement as the pillars for Instagram's triumph.


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