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Hello, and welcome back to the CreativiVisibility Podcast. I'm your host, Bret, and today we have a special guest, Karen Cassady. Karen is not just any guest; she's a TikTok sensation, a brilliant improviser, and a source of endless inspiration for content creators everywhere. We recently collaborated on Instagram Reels, and it was an absolute blast. Today, we're diving deep into Karen's journey from the Atlanta acting community to becoming a full-time TikTok star who also teaches on the side.

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Finding Her Niche

In the beginning, Karen experimented with a wide range of content, embracing her physical acting skills to create anything that popped into her mind. She didn't speak in her TikToks for almost a year, focusing on conveying humor through body language and movement. However, her breakthrough came when she portrayed a teacher in a short video that resonated with a massive audience, amassing over half a million views in under 12 hours. This was the moment she realized the power of relatable content.


The Art of Improvisation

Karen's background in improv proved to be invaluable in her TikTok journey. She started taking audience suggestions and improvising scenarios, cutting and editing the footage into hilarious short videos. This process allowed her to create content much more efficiently, reducing the time spent from hours to around 30-45 minutes per video


Monetizing TikTok

As Karen's TikTok following grew, opportunities for monetization began to appear. In 2021, she started earning money through TikTok's monetization features. Brands also began reaching out to her for sponsored content. Initially, she had no idea how to price herself, and she charged a meager amount for her first brand collaboration. However, after some advice from fellow creators, she learned to value her work and charge a fair rate.


Advice for Aspiring Content Creators

Karen's advice for those looking to start their journey on social media is simple: be yourself and have fun. Don't get bogged down by perfectionism; use your phone and start creating. The audience will find you. Whether your content is relatable or wonderfully abstract, authenticity is key. Remember, laughter is a powerful connector, and your content can touch people on a personal level.

Karen Cassady's success is a reminder that anyone with a passion for creativity can find their place in the digital landscape. By staying true to oneself, embracing strengths, and creating content that resonates, it's possible to connect with audiences and build a thriving online presence. Whether you're an actor, content creator, or simply looking to share your unique perspective, Karen's story serves as an inspiring example of how to navigate the world of social media and achieve success while staying true to your authentic self.


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