#BroadwayLife Ep. 17 with Jonathan Freeman

This week's #BroadwayLife episode features Jonathan Freeman, who brings to life that sinister Sultan wannabe Jafar in Disney's ALADDIN on Broadway. It's a role he help create 27 years ago for the animated film, adding another iconic Disney villain voice to the history books.

You'd never guess he's originally from Ohio. 😉

In this episode, Jonathan discusses the unusual and surreal experience of recreating a character after so much time has passed, the evolution of Broadway over his long, successful career, and the rise of box-office cache and celebrity culture in the theatre industry.

He also shares how he manages 8 shows a week and how staying open to the audience led him to work on an Oscar-nominated documentary. Plus, you'll learn his advice for living your BEST Broadway life!

You can purchase tickets to see Jonathan in Disney's ALADDIN on Broadway at

What was your favorite takeaway from the interview with Jonathan? Let me know in the comments below.

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