You’re tired of doing this alone and getting nowhere. You’re scared that this acting thing might not happen for you.  You’re tired of seeing everyone’s name on broadway.com, but yours…

I’ve been there, and I got you!
I know you’re ready to be a consistently working actor just like I am. 

Here’s what the last 12 months have looked like for me: 
• I had 3 callbacks for brand new Broadway shows. 
• Booked 3 commercials. 
• Booked a Co-star on Law and Order SVU, plus a Hallmark movie.
• I directed my first Regional Production.
• I have self-taped for numerous Television and Film projects.

JOIN ME. I’ll give you the behind the scenes strategy, mindset, and work ethic you need to finally make this acting thing happen.  

You have the talent and the training.  What you need is the hands-on guidance from an actor who’s working… a lot.  

Here’s your invitation to  Bret in your back pocket!

Here’s How It Works:

We will kick things off with an amazing day together. Full day of planning, getting strategic on YOUR career, and having fun.

• After that we’ll meet twice a month online over Zoom video chat for 50 mins each session. These session are meant to hold you accountable and keep you moving forward.

• Each session you will walk away with an ACTION PLAN that moves you closer to your specific goal. 

  • Whether you have a bunch of broadway credits and are ready to diversify.

  • Doing 8 shows a week already and need to find balance and fulfillment.

  • You don’t have to do this alone. Together we will create a personalized action plan and clarity at every session. That way fulfillment becomes the norm rather than the exception.

    Here’s What You Might Work On:

  • Upgrading Your Representation

  • Completing your script idea

  • Building a marketing plan that works and that you love.

  • Everything that’s designing you for a yes. Headshot, resume, reel, social media, referrals and more. 

  • Booking that next (or first!) big job.

  • Confidence in all areas of the business

• Full access to my resource library so you'll have specific tools to improve your Actor Tool Kit. (Pitch templates, cover letter examples, how to ask for referrals – just to name a few)

• If you are feeling stuck between sessions: Don’t be! I’m 100% available to you through email between our sessions. That way, you’ll never lose momentum. I’ll respond within 48 hours.

• Real sticky situation comes up? Even Luckier You. You get my personal mobile number that you can text and I’ll return your message within 48 hours. (no client gets my personal cell number) 

• TWO emergency audition coachings during our time together. I love coaching auditions and acting. This last Broadway season my private acting clients:

  • booked a national tour. 

  • called back for several Broadway shows

  • hired nationally and internationally

  • they upleveled their lives and careers beyond their dreams

    I want this to be you. 

    You get ME, privately, and all of my industry experience and coaching know how. All to yourself. 

    I’m a working actor. I have reps I love. I know how to juggle life and coaching. And I’m here to help you do the same.

Let’s be clear, this is an invitation for you to invest in your career in a bigger way than you ever have before. Which is why this experience is intentionally priced to challenge you. I want you to have skin in the game so you can up-level your life and career. This is a unique and extraordinary opportunity and unfortunately I can only offer it to one person at a time. 

If you feel like this opportunity is for you,

 click here and you’ll be the first to get notified.

Conversations are granted on a first come, first-serve basis. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,