Thank You for Logging onto the BRETwork!  I'm excited to get to keep in touch with you and you with me.  Now, I'm going to reveal to you 10 things that you probably don't know about me!

10.  New Yorker - I've lived in New York for 16 years!  I'm a total East Village prepster.


9.  Musical Theatre Fan - I'm a huge fan of Musical Theatre, and always have been. Check me out impersonating my favorite Broadway Performers.

8.  Environmentalist - I served for four years as the Co-Chair on the Production Committee at the Broadway Green Alliance.  An organization I highly believe in!

7.  Glasses -Totally Nearsighted, I have to wear vision correctors.  Here's my Harry Potter Look.


6.  Disney Fan - I'm a huge fan of Walt Disney the man, and the legacy he created.  However, I get carried away when I'm at the parks.  Here's me at my worst.


5. Married - I got married to an amazing artist in 2011, Stephen Hanna.  Check out our short music video, it was so fun!

4.  Runner - I have run several marathon's and half-marathons, and hope to continue to in the future.  Check out my blog post:

3.  Sober - I have not had a drink or a drug in years.  On Purpose.

2.  1 of 4 Boys - I  have two older brother's whom I adore very much. Check out this video of me and the family at a church talent show. They had no interest in performing!

1.   Twin - You probably didn't know that I have a twin Brother.  Bart is his name.

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