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Many of the same principles apply to Musical Theatre Auditions as to most other Acting Jobs, but there are small choices that can give you the edge up from the other actors.

Here's just a few:

1- Song Choice - Choosing the right songs and preparing is key.  Yes, there are many layers to auditioning for a musical (i.e. dancing, singing, and sides) but, the one thing you have in common with the people behind that table, is the piece you are auditioning for.  If you don't know the material, you are showing them that you don't care about having a relationship with them.  Just because you know a song well, doesn't mean it's correct for the piece.  Open call or not, the right song choice can make or break a callback.  Unless otherwise noted, SING FROM THE SHOW.   Eliminate the guess work, and show them you care about them and the piece by preparing a song from the actual show.

2. Dance Auditions - I hear so many Singer/Actors sell themselves short from auditions because they "can't dance."  This can work in your favor!  Often times the people behind the table know your dancing ability from your resume.  If you have played Maria, Cosette, and Lancelot, chances are you aren't much of a dancer.  But, what they want to see is that are you are willing to go for it!  YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO PICK UP A COMBINATION, but that doesn't mean you have to do it well.  Take dance classes, not to become Barishnikov, but to master the art of picking it up.  Once you no longer are worried about what step comes next, you can then show them your awesome personality and book the job.

3. Side Preparation - Yes, you are gorgeous, yes you can sing, and all of the original choreography to A Chorus Line is in your wheelhouse, but if you haven't made strong preparation and choices on these sides, it won't matter.  You would be surprised at the amount of actors who do not prepare their material.  Join sides express, and download the sides for the roles you are right for.  Know the material, and you may just be the stand out of the group.

4. Dress Appropriately - If you are going in for a leading man, no matter the age of the role, you cannot wear pink skinny jeans and sneakers with the tongue sticking out.  Being of service to the people in the room, is giving them the essence of the show and role you are going in for.  Also, dress well, no highwater jeans, or holes in the shirts.  You would be surprised what  a really nice pair of shoes could do, they could be enough to get you a callback!

5. Talk to the Pianist - The one person you can really connect with is the person behind the piano.  Ask the pianist their name, and thank them before you leave.  They are sharing their gift with you, and that's a beautiful thing.  It's a team effort with them, and they need acknowledgement too.

6. Breathe - Take a deep breath, and tell yourself YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.  You are more than what you do, and if you bring all of who you are into the room, chances are you will make an impact.

7. Follow Up - Going to any audition, especially EPA's and ECC's, and following up is vital!  The key to networking is building relationships, and going on one date every so often does not a relationship build.  A genuine THANK YOU can not only acknowledge the person in the room, but seal that audition for you so that you can let go of the results.  The audition is not about booking the job.

8. Work with a Mentor or Coach - Eliminating the guesswork is possible with the help of someone who has been where you are, and knows what to do.  You can save yourself time, and money, with strategic ways to accomplish your goals.   A Mentor can help.  If you are interested in working with me I would LOVE to help you.  Either check out my website Bret Shuford or book with me here

Remember, your gift is given to you for a reason, your job is to share it with it the world.


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