Broadway Life Summit


The Broadway Life Summit is September 23 - 27

My intention for the Summit is to help actors, not only in NYC, know the resources and support available to them to find fulfillment where they are. I want to dispel the mystery and challenged that so many actors face in pursuing their dreams.


Your Commitment

As a speaker, your commitment would include the following:

  1. 45-60 minute recorded conversation with me over Zoom before August 15th, 2019.

  2. Sending 6 social media posts and 2 dedicated emails to your mailing list to promote the Summit. The first email would be sent 2 weeks before the Summit begins, and the second would be the day that your video is available online during the Summit. You will receive pre-written copy for both the emails and the social media, as well as graphics, to make it as easy as cutting, pasting, and clicking the send button.

  3. You are encouraged to interact with Summit participants through the Broadway Life Facebook Group.


More About Me

I was bitten by the theatre bug at a very young age. The fact that I've spent the last 20 years working on Broadway would come as no surprise to the people who knew me as a child.  

I started my YouTube channel out of a need to be creative and also to show people like the young person I once was that fulfillment in this career is possible. That's also why I became a certified Life Coach. I've discovered a passion for being a content creator, director, producer, and am currently finding ways to continue collaboration with other artists.

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