Why the One "T"


I'm sure it happens to you all the time, someone misspells your name.  It happens to me A LOT.  I always get the Two "T"'s.  BRETT, or the BRENT, BERT, BRETTE.  One time in High School, I was running for the State Board for the Texas State Thespian Society, and I actually used berrettes as my campaign material. (it worked) What most people don't know is WHY is it spelled BreT and Brett.  Well it's all my mother's fault really, or James Garner's fault if you want to get specific.  In the 1950's there was a famous television show starring James Garner as BRET MAVERICK in MAVERICK.  You may remember a movie starring Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster from the 90's of the same name.

I have this card from when the movie was being release, because I thought it was synchronistic that film came out on me and my twin brother's birthday.  Coincidence?  I think not!

My mother had a HUGE crush on James Garner, and who wouldn't?  (check out his handsome mug below)

When she found out she was having twins and they were living in Houston Texas, she named her twins after these famous boys, BRET and BART.

I imagine she had visions of us being rough and rugged gamblers like these two guys.

Who knew that this is what she would get: We may not be rugged Cowboys, but we were cute little kids.  I love my twin brother Bart, and I'm grateful to be a Yankee Cowboy gambling for his dreams in NYC!