Thank You Casey Nicholaw



Dear Casey,

In my last opportunity of seeing you, I didn't get the chance to say Thank You...

Thank You, of course, for the amazing gifts you have brought to the Broadway Community.  The Book of Mormon being incredibly GREAT, as well as incredibly successful, Drowsy Chaperone's hilarious love-letter to Musicals, and your other fun and entertaining talents all over the world.

More importantly, Thank You for the opportunity you gave me years ago in New Orleans doing an industrial together.  You may not know how significant this one week gig in the French Quarter was, but it changed the entire trajectory of my life.  The lessons I learned from that week created the changes that brought me to Broadway and to my Husband.

I'll never forget sitting next to you by the pool, you holding the script to Spamalot and sharing your thoughts as you began that journey, and me sharing my excitement for your journey.  I was in a dark place in my life before that time in the Big Easy, and that week gave me the push I needed into the light.

I realize one week of an industrial is small compared the larger journey you and I have taken since, but the significance of that job brought me to the greatest adventures of my life so far.  I cannot thank you enough for that, and for all the gifts you continue to share with us.


Bret Shuford