Tex Giving

You might notice 'staches popping up throughout the world this month. Each November men grow awareness of Men's Health issues, particularly cancers.  It's Movember, and I've always wanted to participate.  I've just never been able to because I've always been working, and have to stay clean shaven. Just as I started to grow my 'stache my Father was diagnosed with early stage Prostate Cancer.  Ironic, that I'm also getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in almost a decade.  Luckily, we are catching it early, and we think the treatments will be fairly easy and majorly effective.

My Father has always been so incredibly supportive of me, even though I'm not sure he always understands what I do or what my "liberal" sense-of-humor is.  My Favorite Memories were our annual trips to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  We'd grab turkey legs and watch jousting competitions.  It was like Harry Potter land before Harry Potter existed, except with Texas-twanged British accents.

My Father and I at the Renaissance Festival, being way too serious.

Now I get to support my Father.  In his honor let's help grow awareness in November.  Donate at least a dollar to my Movember Campaign in honor of my Dad.  Every dollar goes to help initiatives such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation, among others.

In return, my I will gladly send you a signed headshot, or postcard in Gratitude!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!