Survival Job: Christmas Caroling


I dream of only making income as an Actor and a Coach, but if I can make some money performing I'll take it.  In 2012 a friend reached out to me about a seasonal job Christmas Caroling.  I'm a huge fan of Christmas, and I love to sing, so it seemed like a perfect fit. The pluses: I got a great reminder of my musical sight-reading abilities.  My voice was in GREAT shape.  I loved the people that I got to sing/blend with.  I learned a lot of Christmas (and Hannukah) songs that I never knew before.  Also, I got to meet and sing for Amy Poehler!

The Minuses: I had carry my Victorian costume with me wherever the gig was.  This could be cumbersome depending on the plans of the day.  Sometimes, we were singing for HOURS and outside, which would result in a tired voice and sore feet.  You have to spend a lot of unpaid time rehearsing to learn the music, but it's limited and once you know the songs you are set.

Sometimes with survival work you have to weigh the pros and the cons.  This definitely is/was one of my favorites.  If you are looking for singing work this holiday season, or for some great carolers for your event check out The Yuletide Carolers.

If you are looking for a great singer/actor who knows a lot of Christmas Carols, feel free to reach out to me!