Shiny Running Things


I've been asked what those Shiny Things were hanging on my wall, and here's my explanation. I became addicted to running after a long stint of working on Broadway. Once I earned my first Medal in 2010 doing the Walt Disney World Marathon with Team in Training, I wanted more! My friend Kevin Galko and I crossed our first finish line together, and then we mentored for Team in Training for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. I actually did the Half Marathon.

If you are interested in completing an endurance race, you can't go wrong with Team in Training, check them out!

If you run the Disney World Full Marathon and the Disneyland Half Marathon in the same year, you earn a special Coast to Coast Medal. Well, I had to get it. (Really it was just an excuse to go to another Disney Park). I convinced my Dad to run his first half Marathon with me in Anaheim California. What a great Race that is!

All of the Run Disney races are well managed, and a blast!

I also ran the NY Ragnar Relay race in 2010 with six other crazy running people! Check out this video from our team:

I've continued to run off and on with City Running Tours, it's a great side job, and great if you are a runner visiting NYC (and other major cities as well)  Check them out!

I'm now getting ready to run the NYC Marathon in November.  Training has started, and if you want to help support a great cause, I'm running for Broadway Impact.

I want to know what shiny things you like to collect, and how you earn them! Comment below, or post something on my facebook page.