Self-Submit from Anywhere with your iPhone

One of the most significant tools for my acting career in the last year, has been my iPhone.  When you travel as much as I do it's difficult to be in town for auditions.  Quite often, I have to self-tape for auditions, and  that is why God invented iMovie for the iPhone.  It's cost effective for the use that you get from it, and I find that the video quality is better on my iPhone 5 than it is with my computer. Simply look up iMOVIE APP on the APP STORE and purchase it.


Don't shoot from the front camera, The front one isn't HD:IMG_3317

The Back Camera is HD, and I recommend an iPhone tripod:IMG_3320

Once you've shot your video, it gets stored in your photo album.  Then all you have to do is open the iMovie app.  Click on the plus sign on the bottom to create a new Project. IMG_3321

The menu will ask you to create a new Project or New Trailer, you want a NEW PROJECT.


Then it will ask you to add media, you do this by tapping on the screen.  It will open any files for you to select from your PHOTO ALBUM.


You can use the YELLOW dots to trim the clip to your desired length, then click on the BLUE ARROW to add it to the project.


It will automatically link whatever trimmed clips you want to add. IMG_3326

You can even add audio dubs if you wish. IMG_3327

If you would rather not have the video cross fade, you can tap on the box to highlight it and drag it up to delete it.


Once you've edited the video the way you wish, you can Name it, and go to publish it.


Tap on the Share Button at the bottom of the main menu, and this menu will pop up.  Depending on the length of the video you may need WiFi to publish it to any internet based video sharing.



I always post to YOUTUBE, but I make sure to set the video as UNLISTED, you do not want your video to go PUBLIC automatically.




IMG_3331IMG_3333Once the video is posted up, the app will alert you that it's ready, you can then send the UNLISTED link to your agents or to whomever you are speaking to regarding casting.  Then you may want to charge your phone, because you just killed it's battery.  I hope this helps you go book that work!!

Let me know how use edit and post your videos.  I would love to know if this helped you, leave your comments below!