My Top 5 iPhone Apps

I love my iPhone 4.

In fact, Stephen would even say I'm addicted to my iPhone, which is why he won't get me an iPad.  However, I have many practical reasons for liking my iPhone.  There is of course, the accessibility of having all of contacts, and email addresses, photos, YouTube (in case I need a laugh, check out my favorites playlist on my YouTube Channel).

Yet, there are a few Apps that I cannot live without, and I think you shouldn't either.  So, I'm recommending them to you.  Best of all, they are all mostly free!:

5.   Where's My Water - FREE - A perfect game for killing time.  Especially on the subway. Disney Interactive created this game that you have to use simply physics to successfully help Swampy the Alligator take a shower.

4.   Pandora  - FREE - Pandora is the basically an internet based radio where you create the stations.  However, the app makes Pandora completely mobile, and you can hook it up to any sounds system.  You are never without good music with this app.

3.   CardStar - FREE - Lets you store and quickly retrieve loyalty, reward and club-membership cards and library cards right from your screen.  No more plastic on your keychains, or in your wallets.  This might be my most simple, and most favorite.  You gots to get it!

2.  Trip It - FREE - You simply email your flight, car rental, or train confirmation to an email they give you. Automagically all the information is put onto the app and can be synced to your calendar.  So you never have to sift through emails or manila folders looking for confirmations for your trips.  Life saver when traveling.

1.   CR Muscle Building Apps - $3.99 - One of the most thorough apps for muscle building.  Craig Ramsay makes it super simple to learn good form, and never get bored at the gym.  There are different apps for different muscle groups.

I want to know what your favorite Apps are, and what you think of these apps.  Please write your comments below, or shoot me a message on facebook or twitter!