Make Mine Manhattan Reviews

New York Times Review by Catherine Rampell: Outside, rats prowl heaps of garbage, the homeless beg for quarters and dog droppings stucco the sidewalk. But watching “Make Mine Manhattan,” you’d never suspect that such blemishes besmirched our fair city.

Theatermania Review by Andy Probst

Featuring some joyously jaunty tunes by composer Richard Lewine and lyricist Arnold B. Horwitt (also the work's sketch writer), the show tweaks life in the Big Apple in all of its glory, from the crushes that people living in the same apartment building can develop for another to the inconvenient effect that movie shoots have on the locals.

Backstage Review by Erik Haagenson

Shuford gets one of the better comedy turns in "Subway Song," the lament of a Bronx man who dates a Brooklyn girl and hates the commute...

Broadway World Review by Christina Mancuso

“The Subway Song” is about trying to maintain a dating relationship when one person lives in “Brooklyn on New Lots Avenue” and the other in “the Bronx on 242nd Street.”  Performed by the talented Bret Shuford, he has impeccable comedic timing as he laments this romantic misfortune of two lovers who seem worlds apart.

Curtain Up Review by Elizabeth Ahlfors

Bret Shuford and Kristen J. Smith are likeable as they gracefully trace the path of young romance. One of the best tunes, “Subway Song,” is Shuford’s tale of woe, humorously relevant to strap-hangers even today. Affably, he puts across the problems of a Bronx boy from 242nd Street dating a Brooklyn girl living on New Lots Avenue. “Glad to Be Back” is an effective closer by the company.