Favorite Apps of 2015


My entire life is on my iPhone.  (iPhone 6 to be precise)  People actually make fun of how many apps I have my phone, but my God does it make life very easy.  Here's a list of my most used, and favorite apps of 2015: 5. Body Space - I've tried many, many, personal training/fitness apps.  So far, this is my imgresall time favorite.  A) It's FREE B) It's customizable C) It syncs with your calendar and keeps track of all of your work outs.  You can even get updated emails on your progress.  You do have to set up an account on BodyBuilding.com, and deal with some of their advertising, (i.e. pushing products on you), but it's the most user friendly workout app I've ever found.

4. Any.do - There are a lot of Task-Management apps out there and they all do a great imgres-1job of organizing to do items.  But this is my favorite, because every day you get to play a little game on it called any.do moment.  You click on the little dots in the corner and it leads you through an assignment game of your tasks.  You can schedule for the day, the week or for anytime!  I live on this app daily to organize my career. Check it out!


3. Evernote - Evernote has changed my creative life.  It's THE most popular note app out imgres-2there for a reason.  My favorite aspect is that I can access it anywhere.  It lives in a cloud, so all of my notes are easy to find on my computer or my phone.  Whenever inspiration strikes, I can post a video, photo, or anything else into evernote, and it will live there forever!  Whether I'm producing or researching a role, this is a MUST HAVE.  I have still not unlocked all of it's secrets.


2. Frozen Free Fall - I can't make a list of apps and not include a Disney App.  This imgres-3FREE game is perfect for ignoring a subway car packed full of people. Or for killing time before an audition.  Don't let Anna, Elsa, and Olaf fool you though, it's not an easy game.



1. Word Swag - Finally, I absolutely love the endless creativity that WordSwag provides. imgres You can customize any photo/logo/quote you want.  I love to play with this app.  It's perfect for creating original memes, and customizing your instagram photos.  I love to find quotes from playwrights or musicals.  It is a $3.99 purchase, but for what you get the possibilities are endless.  Get to creating.


I hope this helps you organize and upgrade your creative life.  Let me know what your favorite apps are.  By sharing with me on Twitter!  Or logon to the BRETwork to get monthly email updates from me.