Don't Hate...Create

As a kid, I was never a violent person.  My Parents tried to get me into Karate, but I just didn’t like the Sensei yelling at me.  While my brothers were embracing their B B guns, I was embracing my inner Debbie Gibson.  I mean it is Texas after all, I know how much they hold on to their cowboy birthright, but it never clicked with me. In the wake of the tragedy in CT, I’ve been struggling on how to handle my frustration and belief of non-violence.  It’s easy to blame mental health care, it’s easy to blame gun restrictions, and it is even easier to confuse the two.  What comes first?

Many of the people I know have been defending owning their guns because of the fear that something apocalyptic will be at their doorstep.  They refuse to step beyond their comfort zone for the safety and protection of others, for the belief that they are on their own in this society.  The truth is, none of these things ARE on our doorstep.  If we look at the reality and not what is presented to us on TV, most of us are very lucky.

But none of that matters, while arguing and debating these things there are still mentally unstable people longing for connection.  Even though these families lost their loved-ones, there are still children that have never had a family.  Let’s move from a place of destruction to creation.

Friday is the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year.  The tradition of lighting the Yule-log, and Christmas lights came from the celebration of calling the sun back.  We have a chance to follow that tradition this year by not allowing this event to shut our lights in.  Send your light out into the world and share it with those who are less fortunate. 

How can we counter act this heinous act?  It’s as simple as going to a children’s ward at a hospital and singing Christmas Carols for them.  Before Christmas, get rid of the stuff you never use, and bring it to someone who can use it.  Instead of getting upset at the loss of people, celebrate the people who are still with us.  Do as Jason Robert Brown did, and write a song, paint a painting, put your gifts out into the world.

These people who have committed these crimes were longing for connection.  That’s truly what we want in this world as human beings. I challenge you to turn your TV’s off, tell your children the video games are not allowed, and put your cell phones down, just for ONE day.  You might actually see that your loved ones eyes are a deeper blue, that their capacity for love is greater than you imagined, and that their light can shine even brighter to reflect off the faces of all those around them.

We can call the Sun back, but only by putting our light out into the world.  Collectively, our light can be brighter than one candle in the dark.


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