DIStory: Villains, Fantasy vs. Reality


Disney always has a way of creating a story relevant to the time in which it was created.  That's why so many Disney films are and remain classics.  Defeating the villains of the films helps us experience the happily ever after in our real lives.  Many times the world needs to know that the villains of reality can be conquered.  Disney films remind us of that.

1937 - Evil Queen vs. Joseph Stalin


Much like the evil queen's apple, stalin lured people into his political beliefs, and convinced them to take a bite.  Luckily, like the seven dwarfs, America and it's allies gave Europe and Russia their True Love's Kiss in 1945.

1959 - Maleficent vs. Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro was put into power in Cuba and much like Maleficent turned that country into a sleeping town.  Still under communist rule, when will Cuba's Prince wake her up?

1989 - Ursula vs. Exxon Valdez


One of the most bizarre coincidence's was 1989.  The same year we were learning how cool it was under the sea we dumped 120, 000 barrels of oil into it.

Are there any coincidences to reality and fantasy with your favorite Disney villains?

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