Distory: Nixon and Robin Hood


Walt Disney Picture's Robin Hood was released on November 8, 1973.  The film was received fairly well, but was one of the secondAnimated films to be released after Walt Disney passing, and seemed to lack the magic of Walt's hand. orig-11701011

AFA 1932191973 was an incredibly tumultuous time in America with the Vietnam War, and the Love Revolution in full swing.  Ironically, the song LOVE in the film Robin Hood was nominated for an Oscar but lost to the Way We Were.

Richard M. Nixon was our President at the time.  Nixon had done well to work towards the end of the Vietnam War, and partnerships with China.  However, the scandal of Watergate forced him to resign from office for certain impeachment.  Sometimes, reality really is not so far from fantasy, for Nottingham has it's scandals too.