Childhood Friends

This year marks the 14 year anniversary of my move to New York City. Yes, two of those years were spent on Staten Island finishing college, but a move from the middle of America to NYC is worthy of celebrating. You have probably caught on, that I love New York City, even with it's crowded expensive streets. I was reminded last night just why I love New York.

Four friends performed a fully staged concert of Songs for A New World, a musical song cycle by one of my favorite composers Jason Robert Brown. Nick Adams, Michael James Scott, Ashley Brown, and Jessica Rush. It was such a beautifully sung concert, but even cooler, a really fun convergence of Broadway artists coming to support other artists. I felt so lucky to have just worked with Ashley in her concert in Baltimore, done Hairspray in Concert with Nick, and know Michael through the circles of NYC.

But the coolest was seeing my childhood friend Jessica shine!  We performed together in shows as kids, and her Dad, Ken Rush, was a huge influence on my performance career as he was my Freshman year of High School Drama Teacher. Also, I saw friends from College, and all other walks of my professional life, as well as being there with my spouse.

It was a fun reflection last night, on how full my life is and how our paths have the potential to come full circle.  Check out these pics of my friend Jessica Rush from Middle School, and then the poster last night at Songs for a New World.

sc0021a991 IMG_2251 She hasn't changed a bit!  Who has come full circle back into your life now?  I want to hear about it in the comments below.  Or post a story on Facebook or Twitter.