Bonnie and Sandy Sittin' in a Tree

Hurricane's are a normal part of growing up in South East Texas.  It seems like almost once a year we had to masking tape our windows and deal with some part of the area flooding.  Plus, the mosquitoes seemed to LOVE being there post hurricane. As the Mayor of New York City, and the Governor of New York State were warning us to hunker down, I was thinking, "Geesh, this is going to be nothing!"  When I was a kid, hurricane Bonnie came sweeping into Beaumont, Texas. My 6 person family hunkered down in the living room underneath our coffee table as we heard crashing and crunching happening all around our house. After the storm passed we walked out to find our beautiful wood-paneled station wagon destroyed, but even more sadly, our jungle gym.  It was a sad day for four boys who loved to climb.

I pray that is the worst of what happens in the area here in New York City.  However, considering this is the second hurricane to come sweeping the area in over a year, I never would have thought my life in NYC would replicate my childhood in SE Texas.

This is clearly a sign of the effect of global warming.  We owe it to ourselves to respect Mother Nature.