American Scientific Mind Magazine

I got an email from my friend in Los Angeles asking me why I was staring at him from the newsstand, and this picture attached.  

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That's right!  I'm on the cover of a magazine!

There are a few more photos inside, but the article has nothing to do with me.  I booked this job in September and it was so random.  It was a nasty rainy day, and I was supposed to go all the way to the west side highway practically.  However, I didn't feel like it.  I go out on a lot of go sees thanks to my agents, so never assume I'm going to book it.

Then my agent called and said they want you to come in no matter what.  You are their number one choice.  Then I did, and booked it!!

The Photos are courtesy of Aaron Goodman, an awesome and fun Photographer.  I had a blast spending the day shooting these photos with him, and the editors of the magazine.  Plus they fed us lots of food, and cupcakes!!  What?!?!

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