Acting as If

I know how difficult it can be when achieving your goals gets you down. Lately, it's been a roller coaster for me in trying to create balance. I was reminded by my mentor the other day that "we get what we expect, not what we dream." I've always been a great dreamer. I spent my days in school staring out the windows dreaming of being in New York and on Broadway. Even now,  after having been in several Broadway shows, I continue to dream that I will get to originate a role on Broadway, and possibly be nominated for an award.

However, my actions do not match my dream, they match my expectations. Tell me if you hear these excuses, "There's someone better looking," "I don't sing like Andrew Rannels," "I'm sure they'll cast a straight guy," "I'm too old," "I'm too young,"" I'm too good-looking." (It's been heard) Often times, before we have given ourselves the opportunity, we give ourselves the reasons why it won't work.  I've heard them all. I continue to hear a lot of these expectations in my own head.

The easy way through disappointment is to expect to be disappointed. The harder and more challenging thing to do, is play big and act as if you deserve your dreams. What if you expected to achieve your goal, and your actions matched your expections? The worst thing that could happen is that you get a little bit closer to your goal.

Let's stop playing small. Today I replace those easy negative thoughts, with the more challenging-larger positive ones. Then act as if you expect these things to happen until eventually they do.

What are the voices you hear in your head, and what are you replacing them with?

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