A Day in the Life (VIDEO)


People ask me what's it like being Bret for a day in New York.  So I made a video about it.  This particular day was Thursday March 22nd 2012.

Lately I've been starting my day with warm lemon water.  Thanks to my friend George Hahn (GeorgeHahn.com), who recommended it, I feel great after doing it for a few weeks.  Then I meditate for 20 minutes and do my morning pages right after.  (I'm currently on week 8 of the Artist's Way, props to my cluster group at One Healing Arts Company)

I let the sunshine in right after writing, cook a healthy breakfast, get dressed, and go for a run.  I usually run for 30 minutes about 3 days a week.  My favorite run is the East River park.  I meet with my therapist over Skype ever since he moved to Brasil, but you aren't allowed to watch that.

Then, as I was headed to a coaching with my favorite sides coach Garrett Long (Check her out on facebook) the steel drum player on the platform was playing "Under the Sea."  I can never seem to get away from the Little Mermaid.  Stepping off the train uptown I got an unexpected phone call from my agent to head down immediately for a callback for the T.V. Show Blue Bloods (Thanks Kim Miscia).  After than I had an audition for one of my favorite summer stock theaters Music Theatre of Wichita, I worked there in college, and it's always a delight to see those friendly people.

Then I headed to Broadway Cares to have a meeting about the Broadway Impact Running League.  On the way I HAD to stop at the Disney Store in Times Square to kill some time.  Soon after I met up with my friend and BEDFELLOWS co-star Paul Caiola at the delicious Five Napkin Burger in Midtown.

After my final lesson in Ziva Meditation, taught by a former cast-mate of Broadway's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and friend, Emily Fletcher.  I then headed back down to the East Village in time to crash for midnight.

That's what this particular day was like for me, but seriously no two days are ever alike.  Tell me what you think below.

What's a Day in your life like?  I'd like to know! Music: Best of Bootie 2009 : Groove Is In The Girls (Deee-Lite vs. The Prodigy)