The New Bret Shuford

Well, there’s a huge transition continuing to happen in my life.

After 9 months of living in Charleston, we’ve decided to head back to NYC. Sometimes, it takes stepping away to get perspective and the truth is: New York is home. Our goal of starting a family is going to be easier in NYC because we are able to make a living as the artists we’ve become over the years.

If you aren’t following us on Broadway Husbands yet, make sure you catch all the lifestyle stuff there.

While making this transition, I’ve decided to take all of my businesses and make them ONE. Novel idea right? Now Bret Shuford, Broadway Life Coach, and Broadway Life Apparel all live here on this website. So please EXPLORE, and join my email list so you don’t miss anything.

A few things to note: Besides different types of coaching services, I’m now offering Social Media Management and Consulting. If you know anyone starting a business and needing support make sure to drop my name!


Stephen has accepted a job doing JEROME ROBBIN’S BROADWAY at TUTS in Houston, my homeland, so we are living with my folks, celebrating my 40th, and going to the pool all before we continue our transition back to NYC.

There’s so much excited news coming including a directing project and we are are starting a school in Manhattan this September. Check out Broadway Performing Arts Academy

Let me know what you want to see on this site this year!