Why the Artios Awards Matter to You

Last Thursday, the Casting Society of America handed out a lot of trophies, and I bet you didn’t even know about it.  I’m talking about The 33rd annual Artios Awards, and casting directors from some of your favorite plays and musicals were among the winners.

The Artios Awards began in 1985 with a small luncheon in the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, but now the CSA hosts simultaneous Artios Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York where “members are honored in over twenty different casting categories, for work in Film, Television and Theatre.” There is not yet an Oscar category for casting, so these awards are a pretty big deal!

Nominees are judged on originality, creativity and their contribution to the overall quality of a project. In fact, the awards get their name from the Greek word for well-fitted, complete, capable, proficient. And don’t those words just perfectly describe what it feels like to book a big, juicy role you’ve been dreaming (and stressing) about? You feel like you were born to play the part; you’re on your A-game, and everything just feels complete.

But those stars couldn’t align without the hard work of great casting directors.

We as actors constantly look to casting directors to give us something - auditions, feedback, callbacks, an approving nod from behind the table, even just a smile. However, we forget that building relationships is always a give and take. When was the last time you offered a smile, look, or validation to a casting director? They may not even catch it, but the gift is never in the receiving. It’s always in the giving.

When people are recognized for their work, no matter the industry or the position, it’s incredible validating. Start to pay attention to who’s being recognized for their work, not just to create a target list, but to create a real connection with them.  Events like The Artios Awards are a perfect opportunity to send a well-deserved compliment their way, either in the room, on your postcard, or on social media. It also shows you’re paying attention to what they’re doing within our community, and if you want people to pay attention to your work, set the example first.

Check out the full list of 2018 Artios Award winner here, and get those shoutouts ready to send.

Bret ShufordComment