The Only Word You Need to Know for 2018


Ah, the first week of the new year, the time for resolutions and goal setting. In a perfect world, here would be my list of resolutions:

  • Do the Whole 30

  • Practice voice every day

  • Work out daily

  • Meditate twice a day

  • Blog once a week

  • Create a new video weekly for my YouTube channel

  • Go on a date with my husband once a week

  • Write my book

  • Book a recurring role on TV

  • Earn a callback for two leads in new musicals

  • Launch my online program

  • Save at least a year’s worth of expenses

Okay, this list is exhausting! It’s all doable, but with the pressure of making resolutions, we tend to put too much on our plate all at once. Then we feel a sense of failure having barely accomplished anything on our list within some arbitrary period of time.


This word will serve as an anchor for everything you do in the year to come. Unlike resolutions, which could vary between fitness, health, career, relationships, etc., this single, streamlined mantra is all about the feeling you bring to your actions rather than checking things off a list.  

Plus, way way easier to remember!

Here’s how I found my word. Looking back on 2017, the relationships I’ve built and the successes I’ve made, I know there are things on which I can improve. The main one? My tendency to complain. This business has so many ups and downs that it’s easy to feel a constant sense of disappointment. However, reinforcing that disappointment only gives you, guess what? More disappointment.

I chose to be in this industry, and while the struggle is real, the feelings are not. I choose how I want to react to the situations I can’t control, and so do you.

When I look at the list of things I want to accomplish for 2018, I can see a common thread. And the word the comes to mind to best sum it all up is:


I want a sense of contentment inside my body, mind, and soul. I want to complain less and appreciate more. And along the way, I know I will still cross a few of those goals off my list.

So, take a moment a reflect on what your word is for 2018. Look at what you could have improved on overall last year, and make that your intention for 2018. Commit it to paper. Make a sign or a crafty vision board to remind yourself of your word every day. Share it with me on Facebook or Instagram, and I will repost my favorites.

When we create from the feeling we WANT, creating comes easy. Remember, the world needs that special thing that only you can create.

Happy New Year!

Bret Shuford