...because life doesn't have dress rehearsals

Did you get your first big Broadway show…but you’re not sure where to go from here?
Are you usually hired for understudy tracks but desperately want an onstage role?
Are you known as a dancer but can’t figure out how to make casting directors see that you’ve really leveled up your acting chops?
Have you been wondering why you always get the callback but not the job?

That’s Broadway life for you!

And that’s why you need me, The Broadway Life Coach.
I’m here to help you navigate auditions, get in the minds of casting directors, assess your
greatest gifts, and devise a strategy to keep you working in ways that truly make your
heart sing.

"The Art of Networking"

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"With Bret’s guidance, I was able to reach all of the goals I set in less than six months! He truly has been instrumental in helping me get my career to the next level."

Allison Mahoney
The Singing Baker

"BEFORE: stuck, uninspired, limited, powerless, self-conscious, apprehensive about actor marketing/networking. AFTER: free, inspired, limitless, empowered, confident, excited about the creative ways I can lend my own voice to marketing and building industry relationships. My secret weapon? Bret Shuford."

Jasmine Spies

"The beauty of having Bret as an acting coach lies with the simple fact that he is a working actor and truly understands the mind of an actor. Bret has an amazing way of individualizing his coaching to the actor and not to the scene. I knew during my first session with Bret for a major film audition, that I was in the hands of someone who was going to impact my acting ability profoundly. Bret also has a caring and gentle way about him. I consider Bret a gem for my career and always know that he is a phone call away when I am in need of some coaching. "

Bobby Evers

"Bret is fantastic and understands the nuance of auditioning. My first two coachings with him were for specific callbacks...I booked BOTH gigs. He pushed me to find a more specific point of view and lean into the physical manifestations of the character. Definitely recommend Bret!"

Kenny Metzger

"Working with Bret Shuford has been an incredible experience. He has helped me to take huge steps forward in achieving many personal and career goals, often pushing me gently into uncomfortable territory with incredible results. Bret's passion for coaching is very evident in his work, making our sessions joyous, safe, and useful. I highly recommend working with Bret."

Jackson Cline

"I was at a point in my career and life where I was feeling that there was so much more to be had but couldn't quite find the right path. Or signs to the right path. Or see through the fog to see the signs to the right path. Bret helped me clear the fog. He listened without judgment and helped me to pinpoint the issues I needed to focus on to begin to move forward. Since working with Bret I am feeling empowered and specific about what I want and I am seeing results. And he laughs at my jokes! "

Andrew Rothenberg
Walking Dead

"Having Bret as a career coach is the best thing I've ever done for myself. After a 10 yr. career as a multi-hyphenate performer I look back on those years and WISH that I would have had him as a coach immediately after graduating from conservatory. This business is a mess and having a guide who's done the things you want to do is literally priceless. LOVE YOU BRET! "

Valerie Larsen
Frozen at the Hyperion

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