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Did you get your first big Broadway show…but you’re not sure where to go from here?

Are you usually hired for understudy tracks but desperately want an onstage role?

Are you known as a dancer but can’t figure out how to make casting directors see that you’ve really leveled up your acting chops?

Have you been wondering why you always get the callback but not the job?

That’s Broadway life for you! And that’s why you need me, The Broadway Life Coach.

I’m here to help you navigate auditions, get in the minds of casting directors, assess your greatest gifts, and devise a strategy to keep you working in ways that truly make your heart sing.

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Don’t want to share me? You don’t have to. This option will force you to push to the max, and get your hands dirty, so be prepared to grow.

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Broadway life power groups

Are you motivated by a community of likeminded goal-oriented people? Working with a group of people is proven to be the greatest form of accountability and maximum success. This is the group for you. It’s a FOUR person group (max.) led by me. Each session we will dive deep, you will take action steps towards your individual goals and be held accountable. Another BONUS: If you get stuck during the week -- you have a COMMUNITY and BUILT IN SUPPORT.

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It’s not easy being TALENTED


There is so much learn and catch up on when it comes to Show-business and it’s daily new updates and pull toward overwhelm. I’ve managed to learn techniques and methods to grow an actor’s business without sacrificing your authenticity, and time. Specializing in small business, personal brands, and artists.

An hour long consultation can get you:

  • a step-by-step action plan

  • A list of people you need to target for your goal

  • a clear next goal

  • new material to hone and craft

If you’re ready to go to the next level without a long-term commitment this hour long session will super-charge you and get you firing on all engines. Fill out an application today to schedule an appointment.