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What pronouns do you use?

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So, how did you first hear about Bret?


I love Broadway Husbands' Instagram


I heard him on the Creativisibility Podcast


I found one of his YouTube videos


His Instagram gives me life


Found him on TikTok


My friend told me about him


I have no clue but I'm glad I'm here

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Tell me about your business. (Who do you serve, what do you sell, and at what price point, etc.?)

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"The Number One reason I want to join the CreatiVisibility Program is ..."

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Tell us why you want to work with Bret? (click all the apply)


I want to clarify my Identity Online


I want expert coaching from Bret


I want to define my online presence with improved marketing tools


I want to learn how to monetize my following with multiple streams.


I want to learn how to grow my audience authentically and organically.

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Time for transparency - What do you feel is the biggest obstacle in hitting your personal branding goals?

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On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you to make this happen right now?

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If accepted, how soon are you looking to get started? (I expect those who speak with me (who feel it’s a fit), to move forward ASAP on the call)

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If we speak and it's a great fit for both parties, we will ask you to make a “YES” or “NO” decision while on our call together. If you liked what you heard, are you prepared to invest a deposit after the call to reserve your place in the program?





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I understand that Bret has begun working toward an anti-racist business. No matter where I am in my journey, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice are values I hold. *





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Anything else you want Bret to know?

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A note from Bret: I strive for full transparency in my business which is why I want you to know that there is an investment of $250 for our first session. If we agree that there is a fit for us to work together after, I will invite you to register for one of my programs. So please come to the call prepared to join me. 


Yes, if it's a fit I will come prepared to make an investment


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