Learn to make a bigger impact on a bigger stage.



Have you ever felt unqualified in your acting career?

Hey, I'm Bret Shuford, Broadway Actor (Wicked, The Little Mermaid) and BroadwayLife Coach.

We're told very early on how 'hard' show business is. "It’s so difficult, you should have a backup plan"—we've heard it all.  So many times we're afraid to put ourselves out into the world to do what we're called to do because we're scared of the 'what if?' 

Maybe you keep telling yourself:

  • "Other people are SO annoying!"
  • "They want it more, so I should let them have it!" 
  • "I tried a few times and nothing happened!" 
  • "A casting director told me I was too [fill in the blank]..."


The question you should be asking is: where am I right now?

The mind is a computer and if we don't program it correctly, it's going to program itself. That's where I can help you. Our 14-day Actor Mindset Reset includes daily exercises that can help you restore mindfulness before an audition, after rehearsal, or to simply get your day started on the right foot.

Proud to partner with Coloring Broadway

Coloring Broadway's mission is to find those moments where flow is at play and you're able to calm your body. When you're coloring, you're not thinking about anything else and you're fully present in the thing that you're doing.

Coloring Broadway brings theatre and mindfulness together, and you get their coloring pages for FREE inside the Actor Mindset Reset!


This 14-day journey is for you if you want to free yourself from expectations and feel confident so you can make a bigger impact on a bigger stage.